Right now I am focusing on getting my portfolio to a minimal state that gives me enough practise and learning so i am sure i am ready to tackle professional work/shoots. to expand on my portfolio i am doing shoots with people who are interested. for free. 
Please see here how to contact me to ask about any interest for shoots. 
below is a list of what i am currently looking for to expand my portfolio. All these shoots are free, you are welcome to use the watermarked pictures of you in your own portfolio and share them around social media.
If you want non-watermarked photos then please talk to me and we can discuss which ones i export seperately. In this case i do request that you credit me correctly by mentioning my name wherever you upload them. Failing to do so would be considered a copyright infringement. 

List of co-operations i am looking for(up to date): 
- Model photoshoots - Location, fashion, stylised, lighted, boudoir, cosplay, themed. 
- Family photoshoots - Family portraits, family group photos, family themed photos.
- Pet photoshoots - any animal(pets), stylised, themed photos, location based, creative touch.
- Event photoshoots - Weddings*, conventions, parties, Balls, social gatherings, themed meetings. 

* if you want me to shoot at a wedding please invest in a professional photographer first, I will gladly come as well to provide support to the professional, or simply get more shots/angles at a discounted price. This is the only one that is not free for now, reason being that it is very heavy on the expensive gear i use for photography and is a long session. Details are to be discussed in private upon contact. Thank you for understanding. 

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