Hi! My name is Shane Antony Bloomfield-Gibbons, A photographer with a creative vision, a dream, and a plan. Welcome to my photography portfolio. 
I am a semi-professional photographer.
based in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Born in Devon, United kingdom.
Raised In Bruges, Belgium.
My main interest in photography started at car shows, from there I decided to invest in a better camera and it sparked a new love in me, love for photography. 
My favourite types of photography are car photography, model photography and street photography.
But i do not limit myself to these topics, I fully intend to learn and become a pro in all aspects of photography. working with models to improve my model and portrait photography skills and working with families to provide Pet, Baby, Graduation, Wedding, and family photoshoots to capture those precious memories any family would love to have around forever. 
I love traveling to see new places and new cultures, meet new people and learn something new every single day.
I am completely self-taught and always looking to improve and expand my knowledge.

Reach out to me here.
hello there! 
My name is Shane.
I hope you like what you see so far! This is the beginning of my journey as of today. I have uploaded what i have so far and now i start my grind to expand and improve my portfolio! 
IF you would like to work with me please head over to the contact page to find the different ways to reach me.
Currently looking for a variety of shoots which i am providing for free, the goal of this is to practise and expand my portfolio and your portfolio if you are a model looking to work on their craft. 
If you are a family or simply want some nice pictures of you during your hobby then i would be happy to help you gather a collection of nice images to freeze the memories forever visually!
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